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Ice Gallery
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The Show House Ice Gallery at Fishermans Wharf is cool.

Make that cold, as in 5 degrees Celsius, but it is cool, too. The Ice Gallery is a cool, cold place with deftly carved, shimmering ice sculptures and invigorating icy slides. It was fashioned from 200 tons of ice and snow and a hankering to bring wintry delights to subtropical Macau. What a great place to chill out!

Guests arent expected to risk hypothermia, however. They are provided with snow boots and downy coats that insulate them against shivering. When visitors tire of gently sliding on rinks and chutes, watching their breath, and otherwise indulging themselves in the ice part of The Ice Gallery, they crunch over to an Ice Bar for a cup of warm mulled wine or another complimentary drink.

Then, while they sip, they stroll through the 300-square-meter gallery part of the facility, an artful display of sculpted crystal ice figures wrought by Russian sculptor Alexander Zaitsev. The Ice Gallery is, in fact, a Russian venue, brought to Fishermans Wharf by Moscow-based MMG Productions. It is an unusual attraction, a climate-controlled visit by Old Man Winter. Guests have been known to clap their hands at the end of their visits¡ªnot necessarily to ward off frostbite, but in pure delight at the experience.

And there is more to come. MMG is currently building a multi-million-dollar second phase to be called Winter Park. That part of the entertainment complex will feature an Alpine setting of cross-country ski trails, a food court and extreme slides for adults¡ªa 3,000-square-meter park enclosed in a glass-sided structure. It will be a singular attraction in all of Asia.

**Custom made insulated gowns will be provided to vistiors attending the gallery of ice.
**Please note that the ice gallery is in -5 degrees celsius.
**Please note that your ticket(s) is ONLY available for collection at the above-mentioned venue box office on event show date shown on your email confirmation by presenting a copy of the email confirmation, during normal box office opening hours.
**The Box Office will be open from 10:00am.

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