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 Sands Cotai Central win HK$1,000,000 [2012-9-3]
 Live Table Games [2012-4-29]
 Sand Cotai Central [2012-4-15]
 Latest Stud Poker and Slots Jackpot [2012-2-4]
 Rebates&Tables Aavailable [2011-12-12]
 Slot Games Casinos [2011-12-12]
 Altira Casino [2011-12-12]
 Babylon Casino [2011-12-11]
 Grand Lisboa prizes up to HK$1,000,000 [2011-12-10]
 Galaxy win up to HK$3,000,000 [2011-12-10]
 City of Dreams prizes HK$12,000,000 [2011-12-10]
 MGM prize win up to HK$5,288,888 [2011-12-10]
 Wynn prize win over HK$1,000,000 [2011-12-10]
 Venetian prize win up to HK$1,000,000 [2011-12-10]
 Starworld prize win over HK$5,000,000 [2011-12-10]
 Sands jackpot win over HK$5,000,000 [2011-12-10]
 Ponte 16 prize win HK$1,680,000 [2011-12-10]
 Oceanus & Jai Alai prize HK$3,000,000 [2011-12-10]
 Mocha Lottery and Lucky Draw [2011-12-10]
 Fortuna Dream Flights Lucky Draw [2011-12-10]
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